Haunch of Red Deer

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The red deer is a noble animal, and affords good sport to the experienced marksman; its flesh is, I believe, much esteemed in Scotland, and more especially by sportsmen, who insist that its flavour ranks high with all connoisseurs. I cannot agree with their verdict; for I have the bad taste, perhaps, to consider red deer venison both coarse and strong, and admitting of no comparison with our well fed buck venison: doe venison is unworthy the epicure's notice. Allow me, ladies and gentlemen, whenever you have occasion to purchase venison, to advise you to go straight to Thomas Grove, of Charing Cross; and pray don't take the trouble to select for yourself, but leave all responsibility to Mr. Grove, and then I will undertake to promise you that you will be satisfied. When about to dress red-deer venison, bear in mind that it must have hung three weeks—if possible, that is, weather permitting: whichever the joint, it must he well covered, with thick layers of mutton fat; and must be papered and pasted over in the usual way. An ordinary-sized haunch of red deer will take about five hours' roasting: follow in all particulars the instructions for cooking a haunch of venison.

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