Venison Fry

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What is termed a venison fry consists of the muzzle, the heart, liver, skirts, melt, and—what I must here designate the delicacies; it forms altogether a dish which I, for one, should never have a desire to partake of; but as most people's taste in this case seems to differ from mine, I must give rules how to cook it. When it falls to your lot to have to dress a venison fry, cut the heart, melt, liver, kidneys, muzzle, and the etceteras in slices about half an inch thick; season with pepper and salt, flour them over, and fry them of a brown colour over a brisk fire; and when done, dish up with fried parsley, and serve separately, in a sauce-boat, some thick highly-seasoned brown gravy, or poivrade sauce. Currant jelly may be served separately.

No. 459