Partridges a la Victoria

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A remove dish will require three or four birds. The partridges must be partially boned, by removing the whole of the breast-bone from the interior, without in any degree deforming the breast. The birds must be reasonably filled with game forcemeat in which there have been mixed a few truffles cut in small dice, and are to be trussed up round and plump, and being closely and neatly larded, should be braized in wine mirepoix, No. 300. When the partridges are done, their stock must be strained, freed, from all grease, and used for making some brown sauce, to which, after it has boiled, been skimmed, and properly finished, add a small pat of anchovy butter, or a very little essence, half a glass of sherry, and a tiny pinch of cayenne; and use this sauce to pour over the partridges when dished up; garnish round with mushrooms au gratin, and serve.

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