Roast Turkey

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Draw the turkey by making an incision at the back of the neck, and cutting away the vent to the extent of an inch in circumference; and, thrusting the middle fingers of both hands simultaneously through these openings, draw out the whole of the inside, reserving the liver and gizzard, which after being freed from gall and digester (the pouch of the gizzard containing stones, &c,), are to be reserved for the purpose of tucking each respectively through a slit made in the wings.

Roast Turkey

Cut off the head and neck, scald the feet, and pull off the rough dirty skin; out away the claws; fill the inside and pouch of the turkey with sausage-meat, or veal-stuffing; and when trussed with skewers or string, roast it before a good fire, basting it frequently to keep its gravy in it, and by this means prevent it from eating dry, which is a very general complaint with roast turkeys,—not from any want of moisture in the flesh of the bird, but from neglecting to baste it well while it is being roasted.

And when the turkey is done, dish it up with fried sausages round it; pour some good brown gravy over, and serve bread sauce, No. 70, separately.

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