Turkey a la Provencale

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Prepare the following kind of stuffing: viz.,—chop and parboil for a few minutes only, six large onions; drain them in a sieve, and put them in a stewpan with four ounces of butter, the crumb of two French rolls previously soaked in milk, chopped parsley, nutmeg, pepper and salt, six yolks of eggs, a few truffles cut in slices; stir the whole over the fire until set in a comparatively firm paste, and use this stuffing to fill the turkey with; truss and roast it in the usual way, and when done, and dished up, pour some perigueux or truffle, or tomata sauce, over it, and serve. This, when properly cooked, is decidedly one of the best things it is possible to place on a dinner-table.

No. 466