Boiled Turkey a la Yorkshire

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Cut off the legs of a turkey; scald, trim, and set them aside: bone the turkey without removing the wings; nearly fill the inside with veal forcemeat, No. 185; thrust a trimmed boiled red tongue down the middle of the forcemeat; close the pouch of the turkey by sewing it up securely, and truss the turkey for boiling, inserting the feet in their natural position, and give it as nearly as possible its original form. The turkey thus far prepared, must be sewn up in a buttered napkin, and boiled very gently indeed in order not to burst it. When done, dish up the turkey; garnish round with a bold Jardiniere of vegetables, sauce with Bechamel or any kind of white sauce, and serve.

Note.— Bear in mind that, when carving a turkey a la Yorkshire, the slices must be cut from across the breast, so as to give to each guest a slice composed of equal parts of tongue, turkey, and forcemeat holding together. Turkeys dressed in this fashion, masked with cream Bechamel sauce, decorated with truffle, tongue, &c, and garnished round with aspic jelly, form an elegant dish for ball-suppers.

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