Pate Chaud of Pigeon

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Make one and a half pound of paste, No. 755; take two-thirds of this; mould it into a ball; roll it out to the size and form of a dinner-plate; and with the bent knuckles of the light hand, indent the centre part to the extent of four inches in diameter, and with the fingers of both hands raise the sides of the paste up in a purse-like form, giving the wall consistency by pressing the sides of the paste together compactly, and by working the paste in this manner, raise the wall to the height of about eight inches; place this shell on a buttered baking-sheet upon buttered paper;

Pate Chaud of Pigeons a la Financiere

With the thumb press out the base slantingly; fill the inside with flour or bran; wet round the inner edge; fasten on. a circular piece of the same paste, press it all round, securely, cut the edge evenly, pinch it decoratively with pastry-pincers (see Adams' Illustrations); egg it over; decorate it as shown in the woodcut: bake it for about three-quarters of an hour, of a light colour.

When done, make an incision all round the inner edge of the upper part, remove the lid and the bran; brush the inside clean, and reserve the pie-shell for use. When about to send the pate chaud to table, make it hot; garnish with very young pigeons which have been previously boned, forced, and braized for the purpose; add truffles, button mushrooms, and cocks' combs arranged as represented in the woodcut; pour some poivrade sauce, No, 19, over all, and serve.

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