Calf's Head Broiled

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Boil half a calfs head as shown in No. 586; and when done, take it out of its stock, and set it in a cool place to become half cold. Next, place the head on a greased baking-dish; rub two yolks of raw eggs all over the surface; sprinkle thickly some fried bread-crumbs, No. 296; upon this pour a little of the stock on the dish to keep the head moist; sprinkle an ounce of dissolved butter over the crumbing; push the dish containing the head in the oven to bake for about twenty minutes, and when quite hot, place it on its dish; garnish it with the tongue, brains, and small slices of fried bacon; sauce round with piquante sauce, No. 22, and serve.

No. 588