Breast of Mutton Grilled

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A breast of mutton intended for braizing should be first neatly and securely tied with string, like a large paper parcel when it is corded several times across: this operation is needed to prevent the breast from falling to pieces when done, and while it is being taken up, which, from the necessity of its over-braizing, in order to render it mellow, would be the case. The breast of mutton being thus corded, let it be braized in some stock garnished with a small complement of vegetables, &c.; and when done quite tender, take it up by the string carefully on to a dish; pull out all the bones place another dish on the breast to press it smooth without smashing it; and as soon as cold, cut it into oblong, square, or heart-shaped cutlets: all excess of fat should be pared away; the cutlets should be very lightly scored in diamond tracing, seasoned with pepper and salt, dipped in dissolved butter, and well crumbed over; the crumbing being closely patted on each breast-cutlet with a knife. When about to send to table, grill the cutlets on both sides of a light colour; dish up, and sauce round with piquante, tomata, Italian, or any other kind of sauce best suited to your taste or convenience.

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