Grilled Fowl with Puree of Mushrooms

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Remove the legs, or rather the feet, from a fowl; force the drumsticks inside, and split it down the back; spread it open; season with pepper and salt; put it in a covered pan with two ounces of butter, and set it to fry slowly over a moderate heat; and when done through, and of a light-brown colour, let it be glazed and placed on some puree of mushrooms, and served.

The puree of mushrooms is prepared as follows: viz.,—chop fine a good handful of clean mushrooms, and put them in a stewpan with an ounce of butter, popper and salt, and the juice of half a lemon; stir this over the fire for five minutes, and then add the crumb of a French roll soaked in milk and a gill of cream; stir all together over the fire to boil for ten minutes, and then rub the puree through a tammy or sieve, and put it in a small stewpan for use.

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