14 - Entrees of Superior Class

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Ox-Palates a la Florentine ~ Curried. Mutton Cutlets a la Soubise ~ a la Vicomtesse ~ a la Reforme ~ a la Provencale ~ Fillets of Mutton, Roebuck Fashion ~ a la Jardiniere ~ Escalopes of Mutton with Fine-herbs. Veal Cutlets a la Financiere ~ a la Maintenon ~ a la Russe. Sweetbread a la Toulouse ~ a la Villeroi ~ Tendons of Veal with Spinach ~ Curried. Lamb Cutlets a la Princesse ~ a la Duchesse ~ Lamb's Sweetbread, Larded ~ Scolloped. Supreme of Fowl a la Royale ~ Fillets of Fowls with Asparagus Peas ~ Escalopes of Fowl and Cucumber ~ Chicken Cutlets a la Dauphine ~ Legs of Fowls a la Wellington. Fricassee of Chickens a la Havelock ~ Chickens a l'lnkermann ~ a la Tartare ~ Grilled Fowls with Puree of Mushrooms ~ Boiled Fowls a la Cardinal ~ Chickens or Fowls a la Romaine. Boudins of Pheasant a la Richelieu ~ of Fowls a la Lucullus ~ Croustade of Quenelles ~ Boudins of Grouse a la Stanley. Quenelles of Fowl a la Supreme ~ Pheasant a la St. George, ~ a la Gudewife ~ Salmis of ~ Partridges a la Bearnaise, Stewed, with Celery Sauce. Grouse Cutlets a la Glengarry ~ Fillets of Partridges a la Thackeray. Rabbit, Fricassee of ~ a la Tartare ~ Boiled, with Bacon ~ with Fine-herbs ~ Fried in Batter ~ Curried, and Rice. Woodcocks a la Chasseur. Snipes a la Bonne-Bouche. Wild Fowl a la Chasseur ~ American Fashion ~ Civet of Leveret ~ Jugged Hare. Baron of Hare , German Fashion ~ Wild Fowl a la Bigarrade ~ Capilotada of Fowl.