Pheasant a la St George

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Divide a pheasant into members or joints, making two fillets with the pinion-bone left on; the legs to be divided, making drumstick and thigh-joints; the back and breast to be cut each in two pieces. Fry these in a stewpan with a little oil, garlic, thymo, bay-leaf, chopped mushrooms, truffles, parsley, pepper and salt, over a sharp fire until half done; then add half a gill of any kind of thick sauce, and the juice of half a lemon boil the whole quickly over the fire for five minutes to reduce the sauce, tossing or moving the pan the whole time to prevent the pheasant from attaching and burning. You then remove the thyme and bay-leaf; take up the joints of pheasant on to a flat dish; add three yolks of eggs to the sauce; stir this over the fire quickly so as to set the sauce smoothly, and use it to mask the joints evenly with a covering of it about the thickness of a penny-piece, and set them to become cold. A quarter of an hour before dinner-time, dip each joint of pheasant separately in some frying batter, No. 290, and fry them in very hot lard, of a light colour, and perfectly crisp; dish them up; garnish with tomatas au gratin; pour some truffle sauce round the base, and serve.

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