Fricassee of Rabbit

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Skin; draw, wash and wipe thoroughly clean a young rabbit in good condition; and, having cut it into joints, place these in a stewpan with two ounces of butter, pepper and salt; set this on the fire to simmer, tossing it frequently to prevent the rabbit from acquiring any colour; and as soon as the pieces are become set firm, shake in two ounces of flour, two dozen peeled button onions, and as many mushrooms; toss all together; moisten with a glass of white wine, and a good half pint of stock or water; stir the fricassee over the fire till it boils, and set it by the side to continue gently simmering for about half an hour; and then, after removing the skin and grease, boil down the sauce if necessary to give it consistency; mix in a leason of three yolks of eggs and half a gill of cream; season with a little nutmeg, a pinch of sugar, a few grains of cayenne, and the juice of half a lemon; be careful while setting the leason in the sauce over the fire that it does not boil, for that would cause it to curdle and decompose, and thus in a great measure spoil the dish.

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