Cucumber a la Poulette

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Cut the cucumbers into collops about an inch in diameter; put them into a basin with a tablespoonful of salt and twice that proportion of vinegar; allow them to steep in this for several hours. Then pour off all the moisture from the cucumbers, and put them into a stewpan with two ounces of fresh butter, a very little grated nutmeg, and a dessert-spoonful of pounded sugar, and set them to simmer very gently over a slow fire until they become quite tender: this will require about half an hour. The butter must then be poured off, and a spoonful of white sauce added; simmer the cucumbers over the fire for a few minutes, finish by incorporating with them a leason of four yolks of eggs mixed with half a gill of cream, and a spoonful of chopped and parboiled parsley, and the juice of half a lemon; dish them up with a border of fleurons, and serve.

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