Stewed Peas

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Put a quart of young peas into a pan, with an ounce of butter, and plenty of cold water; rub the peas and butter together with the fingers until well mixed; then pour off the water, and put the peas into a stewpan, with a couple of cabbage lettuces, shred small, a faggot of green, onions and parsley, a dessert-spoonful of pounded sugar, and a little salt; put the lid on, and set the peas to stew gently over a slow fire for about half an hour; when done, if there appears to be much liquor, boil it down quickly over the fire; next put about two ounces of fresh butter on a plate with a dessert-spoonful of flour, and knead them together; put this into the peas, and toss the whole over the fire until well mixed; dish the peas up; garnish round with fleurons, and serve.

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