Timbale of Macaroni a la Florentine

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Decorate a plain mould with some nouilles-paste mixed with a little sugar; then line the mould, with some thin strips of fine short-paste, which must be placed exactly in the same manner as when lining a charlotte-mould with bread; fill the timbale with flour; cover it in with some of the paste, and bake it for about one hour; it must then be again emptied; and all the flour brushed out with a paste-brush, put back into the mould, and kept in the screen until wanted. While the timbale is being made, parboil half a pound of Naples macaroni in water for about a quarter of an hour, then drain it on a sieve, and afterwards put it into a stewpan with a pat of butter, a pint of milk, and the same quantity of cream, four ounces of sugar, a stick of vanilla, and very little salt; then set the macaroni to boil very gently over a slow fire until it is thoroughly done, by which time the macaroni will have entirely absorbed, the milk, &c.; then add about one ounce of grated Parmesan cheese; toss the whole well together over the fire; remove the stick of vanilla, and fill the timbale with the macaroni; then turn it out of the mould on to its dish; shake over it some finely-pounded sugar; glaze it with the hot salamander, and send to table.

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