Nouilles a la Palermo

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Make three-quarters of a pound of nouilles; parboil them in water with a pat of butter and a little salt for about ten minutes; then drain them on a sieve, and afterwards put them in a stewpan with a pint of milk, a pat of butter, a little grated nutmeg, mignionette-pepper and salt; place a circular piece of buttered paper on the top; put the lid on, and then set the nouilles over a slow fire to boil very gently until the whole of the milk has been absorbed; next, add a gill of cream, four ounces of grated Parmesan cheese, two pats of butter, and a small piece of glaze; toss the whole well together over the fire, and then pile them up in tha centre of a border of croutons previously stuck round the bottom of the dish; shake some vermicellied yolks of eggs, and some grated Parmesan cheese over the surface; put the dish in the oven to be baked of a fine bright-yellow colour, and send to table.

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