Timbale of Nouilles a la Vanille

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Parboil the nouilles in water for ten minutes; then drain them on a sieve, and afterwards put them in a stewpan with a pint of cream, a tablespoonful of pounded vanilla sugar, a pat of butter, six ounces of sugar, and a little salt; cover them with a circular piece of buttered paper; put on the lid; then set them on a slow fire to boil gently for about three-quarters of an hour, by which time the cream will be absorbed by the nouilles; add the yolks of six eggs, and mix the whole well together. Next, spread a plain round or oval mould with butter; roll some nouilles-paste out on the slab with the fingers, and use this for the purpose of lining the mould with— coiled round as closely as possible, thus forming a kind of timbale; fill this with the prepared nouilles; place it on a baking-sheet, and put it in the oven to be baked, of a fine light colour; when it is done, turn the timbale out of the mould on its dish; shake some fine sifted sugar over it; glaze it with the red-hot salamander, and serve.

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