How to Cure Bacon

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Bear in mind that cleanliness is an important consideration in the operation of salting; it is necessary therefore to pay strict attention to the scalding out the bacon troughs before using them, and also to wash your hands in cold water with soap previously to your turning the bacon over in the troughs, and rubbing it with salt, &c. The process is to be managed as follows:— to every pound of meat allow four ounces of salt; and to every ten pounds of salt, six ounces of saltpetre, two ounces of sal-prunella, and half a pound of white sugar; rub the salt, &c, well into the bacon every morning for about twelve successive days, and at the end of that time let the sides of bacon be pressed between boards to keep them flat, for twenty-four hours; after which, rub them well over with peameal mixed with salt, and smoke them in the kiln in the same manner as recommended for hams.

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