Brussels Biscuits or Rusks

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Ingredients required:—One pound of flour, ten ounces of butter, half an ounce of German-yeast, four ounces of sugar, four whole eggs, and four yolks, a teaspoonful of salt, and a gill of cream.

Mix the paste in the manner described for the preparation of the Compiegne cake, excepting that this must be beaten with the hand on the slab until it presents an appearance of elasticity; the sponge should then be added, and after the whole has been well worked once more, the paste must be placed in long narrow tins, about two inches deep, and of about the same width, preparatory to placing the paste in the moulds: these should be first well buttered and floured inside (to prevent the paste, from sticking), then the paste rolled out to their own lengths, and about one inch and a half thick, dropped into them, and set in a warm place to rise.

When the paste has sufficiently risen, it must be gently turned out on a baking-sheet, previously spread with butter, then egged all over with a soft paste-brush, and baked of a bright, deep-yellow colour. When done, cut it up in slices about a quarter of an inch thick; place them flat on a baking-sheet, and put them again in the oven to acquire a light-yellow colour on both sides.

These form a superior kind of rusks, and are well adnpted for the refreshment-table at evening parties, or for the breakfast-table.

Note.—Rusks may also be made with brioche-paste, pound-cake, or Savoy-cake; in the latter case, a few carraway-seeds are sometimes added.

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