Duchess Loaves

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These are made of the same kind of paste as the foregoing: this must be laid out on the pastry-slab, in small pieces, about the size of a pigeon's egg; then rolled out with a little flour, in the form of a finger, and placed in order upon a baking-sheet spread with butter; they should now be egged over, and baked of a bright-light colour: just before they are quite done, shake some finely-sifted sugar over them, set them back again in the oven until the sugar is nearly melted, and then pass the red-hot salamander over them, to give them a bright glossy appearance.The loaves must now be immediately withdrawn from the oven and allowed to cool; just before sending this kind of pastry to table, make an incision down the sides, and fill the small loaves with apricot jam; then dish them up in a pyramidal form on a napkin, and serve.

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