Scotch Bread

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Ingredients:—One pound of flour, one pound of sugar, one pound of butter, eight eggs, half a pound of candied-lemon, orange, and citron peel—in equal proportions; a gill of Cognac brandy, a very little salt, and four ounces of white comfits.

Put the butter in a basin; work it with a wooden spoon until it presents the appearance of thick cream; then add the flour, sugar, eggs, and salt gradually, throwing in a handful of each, and two eggs at a time; when the whole is thoroughly mixed, the candied-peel (cut in shreds), also the brandy and the rind of two oranges or lemons (rubbed on sugar) must next be added. This paste should now be poured into tins of an oblong shape, about two inches deep, spread with butter; and after the comfits have been strewn over the surface, a little fine sugar should be shaken over the top previously to placing them in the oven on baking-sheets: they must be baked of a very light colour.

Note.—This kind of cake is a general favourite in Scotland, being served on most occasions at breakfast, luncheon, or for casual refreshment, and also with dessert.

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