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Ingredients required:—Eight ounces of pressed curd, two ounces of ratafias, six ounces of sugar, two ounces of butter, six yolks of eggs, some grated nutmeg, a little salt, the rind of two oranges or lemons, rubbed on sugar afterwards scraped off.

Press the curd in a napkin to absorb the superfluous moisture, then pound it thoroughly in a mortar, and mix in the above named ingredients; when the whole is incorporated together into a kind of soft paste, take this up in a basin; next, line two dozen or more tartlet-pans with some well-worked trimmings of puff-paste; garnish these with the cheese-custard; place a strip of candied-peel on the top of each; put them on a baking-sheet, and then set them in the oven (at moderate heat), to be baked of a very light-brown colour; when done, shake a very little sifted sugar over them, and serve them quite hot.

Currants, dried cherries, sultanas, or citron may be used instead of the candied-peel.

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