German Tourte of Apricots

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Cut a dozen ripe apricots into quarters, and put them into a small sugar-boiler or stewpan, with the kernels extracted from the stones, four ounces of pounded sugar, and a spoonful of water; stir this over the stove-fire until the fruit has dissolved into a jam, and then withdraw the stewpan from the fire.

Roll out some trimmings of puff-paste, or else about half a pound of short-paste, to the diameter of about eight inches; place this on a circular baking-sheet, and with the forefinger and thumb of the right hand, twist the paste round the edges, so as to raise it in imitation of cording; then cut up a dozen ripe apricots into quarters, and place these in close circular rows on the paste, shake some sifted sugar (mixed with some rind of lemon) over the apricots, and then bake the tourte (at moderate heat). When it is done, pour the marmalade of apricots over the others; shake some sifted sugar mixed with a teaspoonful of cinnamon-powder over the surface; dish the tourte on a napkin, and serve it either hot or cold. This kind of tourte may be made of every kind of fruit, following in each case the directions for the preparation of German tourte of apricots, not forgetting the cinnamon-sugar.

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