Tartlets of Puff-Paste

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Give eight turns to half a pound of puff-paste (No. 323); roll it out to the thickness of the sixth part of an inch, and then with a circular tin cutter about one inch and three-quarters in diameter, stamp out twenty flats; again use a. small cutter measuring one inch in diameter, to stamp out the centre of these; next gather up the trimmings, knead them together and roll them out to the eighth part of an inch in thickness, and stamp out as many flats as there are rings; place thorn on a wetted baking-sheet, moisten the edges with a soft brush dipped in water; stick the rings of paste on these; shake some sugar over them with the dredger, and bake them of a very light colour (at very moderate heat.) When the tartlets are done, mask the bands or rings with a little meringue-paste; dip them either in some chopped or very finely-shred pistachios or almonds, and place them in the screen to dry: previously to serving these tartlets, they may be filled either with cherries, currants, plums, &c, prepared as directed above, or else with any kind of preserve.

No. 800