Souffle of Rice

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Wash four ounces of rice, and boil it in water for five minutes; then put it in a stewpan with a pint of milk, six ounces of sugar, two ounces of butter, a little salt, and any kind of flavouring, such as lemon, orange, vanilla, sherry, or any kind of liqueur or orange-flower water. A very small quantity of any one of these will suffice for the purpose. Put the lid on the stewpan, set the rice to simmer very slowly over a slackened fire after it has boiled, and in about an hour's time, it will have absorbed all the milk, and have become quite soft. Six yolks, and nine whites of eggs whipped firm, must then be lightly mixed in with the rice, and baked in a souffle-dish, as directed in the preceding case. Failing the souffle-dish, a thin earthenware basin, or deep pie-dish, may be substituted for baking the souffle in.

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