Potato Flour Souffle

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Put six ounces of potato-flour into a stewpan with ten ounces of pounded sugar, four ounces of butter, a teaspoonful of salt, the rind of a lemon, or an orange rubbed on sugar, and a pint of milk or cream; mix, and stir this over the fire until it boils, taking care to stir it briskly so as to keep the butter smooth: then add six yolks of eggs, and the whites of eight or ten whisked into a firm substantial froth. Mix lightly together, and with this fill a souffle-dish lining, round which has been secured a high band of buttered paper, to prevent the batter from falling over the sides as it rises in the oven; place the souffle on a baking-sheet in an oven of moderate heat, taking care to move it round occasionally so that it may receive the heat equally on all sides. Three-quarters of an hour will suffice to bake a souffle of this size; and if these directions are attended to, it should make its appearance on the dinner-table as high again as the souffle-dish. For a pattern of this dish, see Angell's Illustrations.

Note.—Souffles of arrowroot, tapioca, sago, ground rice, and all other kinds of farinaceous substances, are also capable of being made into souffles, by following the foregoing instructions.

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