Chestnut Pudding

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Put twelve ounces of chestnut farina (Crosse and Blackwell's) into a stewpan, add six ounces of pounded sugar, a spoonful of vanilla sugar, a pinch of salt, four ounces of butter, and a pint of milk; stir this over the fire until it thickens, and then quicken the motion of the spoon until the paste leaves the sides of the stewpan; it must then be removed from the fire, and the yolks of six eggs incorporated therewith; then mix in gently the six whites whipped firm, and use this preparation to fill a plain mould spread inside with butter; place it on a baking-sheet, and bake it in an oven of moderate heat for about an hour; when done, turn it out on its dish, pour some diluted apricot jam round it, and serve.

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