Calf's Feet Jelly

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Split four calf's feet, and put them on to boil in a gallon of water; skim them well, and set them to continue gently boiling for about four hours, by which time the water will be reduced to half its first quantity; then strain the stock through a sieve into a basin, and when it has become cold, and set in a firm jelly, scrape off the grease, wash the surface of the calf's feet stock with a little scalding water, and after throwing this away, dab it over with a clean cloth, and put the stock into a stewpan with two pounds of sugar, the juice of twelve lemons, the rind of six, a bruised stick of cinnamon, and twenty coriander-seeds; set this on the fire to dissolve, and then add six whites of eggs well whisked with half a pint of water, and continue whisking the jelly on the fire until it begins to boil; you then add a pint of sherry, put the lid on with some live embers of charcoal upon it, and allow it to simmer slowly by the side of the stove for twenty minutes longer, and then pour it into a jelly-bag (see Adams' Illustrations), with a basin placed under it to receive the jelly as it passes through it, and keep putting it back through the bag until it passes quite bright and clear; when all the jelly has passed through, put it away in basins to be used according to directions or convenience.

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