Muffin Pudding

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Boil a pint and a half of milk or cream with a pinch of salt, six ounces of sugar, six bruised bitter-almonds, and a bit of cinnamon and lemon-peel,; and when this has become partially cold, mix in six whole eggs, and strain this cold custard into a basin; next, cut either four muffins or crumpets into fingers, and lay them in rows on a dish, and with a spoon pour enough of the custard over the pieces of muffin to thoroughly soak them through. You then spread the inside of a plain mould with butter, and decorate the sides and bottom with candied-peel; place a close layer of the steeped fingers of muffin at the bottom of the mould; spread a thin layer of orange-marmalade upon this, then another layer of muffin, and so on, until the mould is filled; after this you add a small glass of brandy to the remainder of the custard, and pour it very gently into the pudding-mould; steam the pudding slowly for an hour and a quarter, and when on its dish, serve with almond whip, No. 93.

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