Apricot Cream

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Split a dozen ripe apricots, crack the stones, extract and skin their kernels, and put them with the apricots in a sugar-boiler (see Adams' Illustrations), with six ounces of loaf sugar and half a pint of water; stir tue whole on the fire until the apricots are entirely dissolved, and then rub this pulp through a hair sieve into a basin; add a pint of whipped cream, two ounces of clarified isinglass, and the juice of half a lemon; mix, and mould in ice.

Note.—Creams may be made as above, with peaches, nectarines, and all kinds of plums, when treated according to the directions for the preparation of apricots, as shown in this number.

When peaches are used for this purpose, a few drops of cochineal must be added, just to give a pink tinge to the cream.

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