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Put six ounces of Jordan almonds and twelve bitter-almonds in a stewpan with a pint of hot water, and just give them a single boil on the fire; drain off the water, rinse them in cold water, drain them in a cloth, rub off their hulls or skins, wash and pound them in a mortar with a tablespoonful of orange-flower water and half a pound of loaf sugar, until they are reduced to a creamy pulp; take this up in a basin, add rather better than a pint of spring-water; mix and allow this to stand in a cool place for an hour; and then, after having strained the milk of almonds through a clean sieve into a basin, add two ounces of clarified isinglass; mix, pour the blanc-manger into a mould imbedded in ice, and when set quite firm, dish it up.

No. 857