Cucumbers Glaces

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Procure cucumbers that are fresh gathered and without seeds; split and divide them into pieces measuring about three inches; parboil them with water and a little salt in a copper pan for three minutes, and then put the pieces of cucumber into a copper preserving-pan with 28 degrees' syrup, flavoured with cinnamon, or lemon. Boil up the syrup three successive days, allowing the cucumber to remain in the pan the whole time, in order to green it. It is to be distinctly understood that cucumbers preserved green in copper vessels contain a certain amount of acetate of copper, which is in itself a corrosive poison; and it results from this fact, that all fruits coloured green by this means are necessarily unfit for food; but, inasmuch as that they are used only as component parts for ornament, and decoration, they become in point of fact perfectly harmless.

No. 891