Imitation of Ginger

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Pumpkin, cucumber, and salsifis may be used advantageously for the purpose. When pumpkins or cucumbers are used, they should be peeled, and cut into shapes in imitation of preserved green ginger, and very gently simmered for a few minutes only in syrup prepared as follows:—To a pound of loaf-sugar add a tablespoonful of Savory and Moore's essence of ginger, the juice of a lemon, and half a pint of water; boil three minutes. The syrup should be boiled up twice, adding each time a teaspoonful of essence of ginger.

When salsifis are used for imitating ginger, they should be cut in different lengths, peeled round the stalk instead of being scraped, parboiled in water with some lemon-juice; when half done, drain and put thorn into a sugar-boiler with a pint of syrup of 28 degrees, two spoonfuls of essence of Jamaica ginger, and the juice of a lemon; simmer very gently for eight minutes, and put away in a cool place.

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