Orange-Water Ice

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The juice of twelve oranges and two lemons, the rind of four oranges rubbed on sugar and scraped off, to be infused in a little warm syrup, a pint of syrup 28 degrees' strength; the whole, when mixed in a basin, must prove 24 degrees by the syrup gauge (see Adams' Illustrations): put the freezing pot in its pail well surrounded with rough ice mixed with salt and. a little saltpetre; work the freezer round with the hand for ten minutes, and then detach the set ice from the sides of the freezer with the ice spattle, and continue freezing and working the ice with the spattle to give smoothness and body to the ice until it forms a stiff, smooth compact body; it may then be put into the mould destined to receive it, and imbedded in ice mixed with salt and saltpetre until it is time to dish it up; to effect this in a satisfactory manner, first wipe off all salt, &c, with a cloth, dip the mould in cold water for a minute or so, wipe it dry, lift off the ends of the mould, and then with the fingers push the ice out upon the lace paper on its dish, or ice-pail, ready to receive it.

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