Potted Beef, Spiced

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Cure a piece of gravy-beef, weighing about three pounds, as directed for curing pressed beef, No. 393, using the same ingredients in proportion to the present quantity of meat; and, at the end of ten days, cut tip the beef into four-ounce pieces, and put these in a stew-pan with two quarts of water, two cloves of garlic, two bay-leaves, thyme, basil, winter savory and marjoram, in small quantities; a dozen cloves, a blade of mace, twenty black peppercorns, and a small spoonful of celery-seeds; put the lid on, and set the whole to stew very gently over a slow fire for two hours. Strain the liquor into a basin, and first chop and then pound the beef in a mortar, until reduced to a smooth pulp; add the liquor (previously boiled down with four ounces of good glaze to the value of half a pint); pound all together again with half a pound of clarified butter added, and use this to fill up small pots, which are to be covered in with clarified butter.

No. 944