Mixed Pickles

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Procure equal quantities of the following vegetables: —cauliflowers, cucumbers, button-onions, small gherkins, French beans, small chillies—green, yellow, and red; cut up the larger sorts, and when all are ready, throw them into a preserving-pan containing boiling water rather strongly seasoned with salt, and allow the vegetables to remain in this (off the fire) until the water is nearly cold; the vegetables must then be drained free from any water, and strewn out upon sieves to dry in the sun for three hours, afterwards to be put in a large earthen pan. Next, put sufficient vinegar in a tinned stewpan with cloves, mace, and about four ounces of whole mustard-seed, and boil these for five minutes; after which pour the whole to the prepared vegetables, and set them aside till the next day; and repeat the boiling twice over, remembering that the first heat of the vinegar must be allowed to subside previously to pouring it to the pickles; when cold, put them away in jars.

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