Almond Milk Beverage

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Scald two ounces of Jordan almonds, and six bitter almonds; remove their hulls, and after washing them in cold water, pound them with a dessert-spoonful of orange-flower water, and two ounces of loaf-sugar in a mortar, until thejr are reduced to a smooth creamy pulp: a few drops of water must be occasionally added while pounding; and when finished, take it up in a white basin; add a pint of cold water, stir together, cover over with a plate, and allow the whole to stand in a cold place for an hour, to extract the flavour of the almonds:—the milk may then be strained through a clean napkin, and put into a very clean decanter, to be kept on ice, if possible, to prevent it from turning sour before it is all used.

Note.—Milk of almonds mixed with water is useful in allaying fever, &c.

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