Invigorating Broth

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Cut up a partridge into joints, and a pound of beefsteak in small collops, and fry all brown with a little butter in a sautapan; cut up a red carrot, and two heads of celery in very small dice, and fry these with two ounces of raw ham, and a little butter in a stewpan; add thereto the partridge and the beef, a sprig of thyme, and a little salt; fill up with three pints of water, and set the broth to boil; skim it well—adding occasionally a little cold water at the side of the stewpan, and allow it to boil very gently for an hour and a half:—it must then be strained, into a basin; and when it is given to the patient requiring such a stimulant, add a small glass of old Madeira to each cupful.

No. 981