Pectoral Broth

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Put a cut-up chicken into a stewpan with a quart of water, a cabbage-lettuce, a small bunch of balm and burrage, a small handful of chervil, three ounces of prepared Iceland moss, half an ounce of picked gum-arabic, and a little salt; stir over the fire until it boils, and then remove it to the side to continue gently boiling for an hour. It must then be strained into a basin for use.

This broth, when cold, becomes gelatinized; it may be given warm, or eaten as a jelly.

The balm, burrage, and chervil are sweet herbs, and may be obtained at Covent Garden, or in any gentleman's garden.

The prepared moss is to be had only at Savory and Moore's, Bond Street.

Note.—The use of this pectoral is efficacious in pulmonary diseases.

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