Orange Marmalade

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Split the oranges in quarters, use a sharp knife to cut out the fruity pulp from each quarter without any of the white pith left on it; and, as this is effected, pick out all the pips, put the fruit into a basin, and the quarters of peel into a large pan containing water; and when this is completed, boil the quarters of peel in water until they are nearly soft to the touch; they must then be drained, and put to soak in cold water for at least twelve hours, and are then to be drained upon sieves for two hours at least to rid them from all unnecessary moisture; after which they must be cut up in shreds. Next, weigh the shred peel and the interior fruit kept in reserve, and for every pound of these allow three-quarters of a pound of sugar; boil the sugar to the pearling degree, then add the fruit sliced very thin, and the shred peel; boil for twenty minutes, stirring the whole time.

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