Burnt Almonds

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Rub half a pound of Jordan almonds in a cloth to rid them from from dust, &c, and put them to get warm in the screen. Boil three-quarters of a pound of sugar nearly to the snap; add a spoonful of vanilla sugar, and a few drops of prepared cochineal; withdraw the sugar from the fire, throw in the almonds, stir altogether with a wooden spoon, detaching the sugar from the bottom and sides of the sugar-boiler; and as soon as the almonds become covered with the sugar, turn all out upon a wire sieve, and cover over with paper for five minutes; at the end of this time, pick out the charged almonds from the sugar; put this back into the sugar-boiler with just enough water to dissolve it, and having boiled it to the snap, again throw in the almonds, and give them another charge, by stirring them carefully, so as to allow them to take as much sugar as possible, keeping them separate; and when this is accomplished, turn them out upon the wire sieve; again pick the almonds from the sugar, and put this into the boiler with a little water, and a few more drops of cochineal, and having boiled it nearly to the snap, stir the almonds in it to give them another charge of sugar, and turn them out upon the sieve to cool; the burnt-almonds by this time, having received three charges, should be double their original size: they may be served in their natural state, or else wrapped in cossack papers.

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