Rose Drops

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Put half a pound of coarse-sifted sugar into a sugar-boiler, with one ounce of water, a few drops of cochineal, and a few drops of essence of roses; stir this with a small wooden spoon on the fire until the composition has become liquified, and is on the point of simmering; the sugar must then be stirred a few minutes off the fire, and dropped from the beak or spout of the pan, cutting off the small drops the size of a threepenny-piece upon very slightly-oiled baking-sheets; and when cold, will be easily removed with a thin knife.

White drops, or pastilles, are made in the same manner, suppressing the cochineal, and adding a few drops of peppermint, instead of rose-essence; they may also be varied by using different essences and harmless colours, such as orange-zest, coffee, or half an ounce of grated chocolate.

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