Orgeate, or Almond Milk

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Two ounces of Jordan almonds, half an ounce of bitter, scalded, freed from their hulls, washed, and pounded with a tablespoonful of orange-flower water, and two ounces of loaf-sugar; a few drops of water should be added at intervals while pounding, to prevent the almonds from becoming oily,—an accident to be avoided, as it would grease the milk; when the almonds are pulverised into a smooth creamy pulp, take this up silver clean basin, add a pint of spring-water, stir with a silver spoon, cover over with a plate, and allow the whole to steep for a couple of hours; the milk may then be strained off, and, if possible, kept in ice; it must certainly be kept in a very cool place, for otherwise it is liable to turn sour.

Note.—When about to serve the orgeate, it should be mixed with equal proportions of water.

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