Milk Punch

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Put the following ingredients into a very clean pitcher: viz.,—the juice of six lemons, the rind of two, one pound of sugar, an eighteenpenny pine-apple—peeled, sliced, and pounded; six cloves, twenty coriander-seeds, a small stick of cinnamon, one pint of brandy, ditto of rum, a gill of rack, a breakfast-cup of strong-made green tea, and a quart of boiling water; the boiling water to be added last; cork this down to prevent evaporation, and allow these ingredients to steep for at least six hours; then add a quart of hot milk, and the juice of two lemons; mix, and filter through a clean beaver jelly-bag; and when the punch has passed bright, put it away in clean tight-corked bottles. This punch is intended to be iced for drinking; either after turtle soup or otherwise. I confess that, in my opinion, a glass of genuine old madeira is far preferable after turtle to any cloying beverage—such as Roman punch for instance; but, east of Temple Bar, epicures seem to be of an opposite way of thinking in the matter.

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