Love's Cartridges

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Procure eighteen ice-moulds, the interior of which is made to represent the form of a cartridge, measuring two and a half inches in length by one inch in diameter; whip a pint and a half of double cream quite firm; flavour this with two tablespoonfuls of strong vanilla sugar, and use it to fill the cartridge-moulds; put on the lids, and immerse them in ice for an hour; at the expiration of this time, remove them, one at a time, from the ice; dip one end in cold water to take off the lid; run a round wooden stick half an inch in diameter down the centre of the iced-cream, and fill up this hollow with grated chocolate; put the lid on again, and as the remainder are treated in the same way, set them in a fresh tub of prepared ice, which must be ready to receive them. When about to serve, turn out the cartridges from their moulds with cold water, and dish thorn up in a conical form, upon a lace-paper on a napkin.

No. 1055