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Prepare the following ingredients: viz.,—one ounce of shred pistachios, ditto of dried cherries, ditto of citron, ditto of candied orange-peel, ditto of chocolate drops, all these fruits are to be cut in very small dice: prepare also two whites of eggs of meringue-paste, and half a pint of whipped cream. Make a liquid custard with ten yolks of eggs, a pint and a half of milk, and a pound of sugar; and when the custard has been set on the fire, and has become cold, proceed to freeze it firm, working it with the spatula occasionally; then add the meringue-paste, and a gill of maraschino, and a few drops of essence of cinnamon; work these in, twirling the freezer round the while; and as the ice sets again, add the fruit, and lastly the whipped cream; mould the ice in the usual way.

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