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Welcome to the Cook's Guide a site brimming with historical recipes and household management wisdom imparted by a celebrity chef of his time Charles Elme Francatelli.

Inside the online version of Francatelli's 1861 best seller you'll find forty chapters of genuine Victorian era recipes written in the words of a famous Victorian chef, and covering everything from the Stock Pot to Entrees, Pastries to Libations.

In his book Francatelli includes a series of Bills of Fare for every month of the year in English and French.

The menu produced below is for a traditional christmas dinner served in Francatelli's Victorian London

Christmas Dinner

Turtle soup.

2 Fishes
Turbot à la Vatel.
Fillet of soles à la Tartare.

3 Removes.
Roast turkey Perigueux sauce.
Braized ham à la jardiniere.
Spiced round of beef.

4 Entrees.
Marrow patties.
Salmis of pheasants à la financière.
Sweetbreads à la St. Cloud.
Mutton cutlets a la vicom.

2 Roasts

2 Removes.
Mince pies.
Plum pudding.

6 Entremets.
Broccoli with Parmesan cheese.
Salad à la Rachel.
Punch jelly.
Italian cream.
Croûtes à l'ananas.
Meringue à la Parisienne.

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