Bills of Fare for January french

Dinner for 6 or 8 Persons. [a]

Julienne soup.
Soles au gratin.

1 Remove.
Braized leg of mutton a la Provencale.

2 Entrees.
Salmis of partridges with mushrooms.
Boudins of fowl a la Pompadour.

Roast wild duck.
Dressed spinach.

Souffle pudding.
Apple Charlotte.

Dinner for 6 or 8 Persons. [b]

Cressy soup.
Boiled Dublin Bay haddock, egg sauce.

1 Remove.
Boiled capon with broccoli and white sauce.

2 Entrees.
Mutton cutlets a la Reform.
Sweetbreads larded a la jardiniere.

Roast pheasant.
Macaroni au gratin.

Punch jelly.
Pear tartlets.