Bills of Fare for January french

Dinner for 10 or 12 Persons

Consomme soup with quenelles.
Turbot with Dutch Sauce.

2 Removes.
Braised fillet of beef larded a la Chateaubriand.
Roast turkey with puree of mushrooms.

4 Entrees.
Oyster kromeskys a la Russe.
Pork cutlets, sauce Robert.
Partridges a la Prince of Wales.
Supreme of fowls with Macedoine

2 Roasts.

1 Remove.
Fondue of Parmesan cheese.

4 Entremets.
Salad a la Rachel.
Plombieres cream iced.
Vol-au-vent of greengages (preserved).
Braized celery, with brown sauce.